UK Trusted Research Environment Community#

UK-TRE June 2024 meeting

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Welcome to the site! This site containts resources, reports, meeting notes, discussions and more associated with the UK Trusted Research Environment Community.

This group consists of RSEs, researchers, TRE users, developers and enthusiasts sharing best practice and knowledge within the TRE space.

We aim to collaborate on and communicate about open-source TRE infrastructure.

Please feel free to explore! A few possible places to start:

The Newcastle Commitment to Open Collaboration for Trusted Research Infrastructure#

A commitment to open collaboration for trusted research infrastructure, initially written at the RSE CON 2022 TRE satellite meeting. We hope all members of the community will sign-up to this commitment.


  • A store of reports on previous events run by the group, and a schedule of upcoming engagements.

Join the Community#

Find out more about the UK-TRE community, and how to join us

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Community structure#

  • More detail on how the community is structured and governed