Community Management & Engagement#


  • The Trusted Research Environment (TRE) Community Management and Engagement arm of the UK TRE Community aims to foster collaboration and facilitate the sharing and distribution of innovative ideas to support the success of all participants.

  • We steer the wider group in alignment with the principles of the Newcastle Commitment, working together to create a more secure, robust, and capable infrastructure, leading to enhanced research outcomes.

  • We operate as a volunteer-based, community-driven initiative under the umbrella of the DARE UK Community Group relying on the expertise and resources contributed by our members from UK universities, research institutions, and other relevant bodies.

Focus Areas#

  1. Outreach and Engagement

    • Identify stakeholders and interested parties by exploring the roles and resource required in designing, planning, building, and maintaining Trusted Research Environments.

    • Periodically review the wider TRE landscape to build a community which represents the whole of the UK and all those potentially affected by the policies and frameworks intended to guide the development of a harmonised TRE design.

    • Send representatives to external events and build out our presence beyond our own community.

  2. Supporting Collaboration

    • Facilitate consensus-building and collaboration among community members by maintaining open communication spaces, such as a Slack channel and Jisc mailing list.

    • Host quarterly half-day events to facilitate knowledge sharing, problem solving, and networking.

    • Identify and run additional events for the community on a needs basis, or when ad hoc opportunities arise

    • Foster the development of smaller working groups within the community to address specific time-bound objectives.

  3. Outputs

    • Generate and distribute ideas, innovations, and best practices for building and maintaining trusted research environments in the community GitHub repository, HackMD, and ReadTheDocs.

    • Ensure community resources are open, reproducible, attributed and up to date

Roles and Responsibilities#

  • Members are expected to actively participate in group discussions, share expertise and insights, propose ideas, and collaborate on initiatives.

  • Members are expected to commit best endeavours to completing actions for the benefit of the group as time and professional bandwidth allows.

  • Decisions within the group will be made collaboratively, with input from all members. Consensus-building and open dialogue will be encouraged to ensure inclusivity and transparency.


  • This group will operate indefinitely; however, smaller working groups may be formed to address specific objectives within defined time frames.

Get involved#

Email David ( if you would like to be part of this working group!