Open Source and Open Standards#


The open-source and open-standards TRE working group promotes the development and use of open standards and open infrastructure for secure environments.

This includes supporting the community in developing and maintaining open-standards, and providing a forum for open-source TRE contributors to meet and share ideas, in-line with the principles of the Newcastle Commitment.

Focus Areas#

  1. Liaising with DARE and relevant DARE funded projects

    • DARE are funding multiple relevant projects. Several of those projects already have members in this WG, and we will ensure a two-way flow of information between the projects and the wider TRE community.

  2. Produce recommendations for open standards

    • DARE are overseeing the creation of open-standards for TRE architectures and federation. This WG will contribute to the governance of those standards, ensuring they represent the needs of the TRE community.

  3. Promote the use of open standards and open infrastructure

    • In line with the Newcastle Commitment this WG will promote the use of open standards and open infrastructure, and will maintain a list of open-source TRE projects.

  4. Encourage the sharing of information and experiences with other projects working on open-source and open-standards beyond TREs.

    • Open standards and open infrastructure may be relatively new to the TRE field, but have been very successful in other areas. We can learn from other examples of open development when forming our own standards and infrastructure.

Roles and Responsibilities#

  • Members are expected to actively participate in group discussions, share expertise and insights, propose ideas, and collaborate on initiatives.

  • Members are expected to commit best endeavours to completing actions for the benefit of the group as time and professional bandwidth allows.

  • Decisions within the group will be made collaboratively, with input from all members. Consensus-building and open dialogue will be encouraged to ensure inclusivity and transparency.


  • This group will operate indefinitely; however, smaller working groups may be formed to address specific objectives within defined time frames.

Get involved#

Email Simon ( if you would like to be part of this working group!