Funding & Sustainability#


  • The Funding & Sustainability working group aims to collect and share knwoledge and best practices around how to sustainably fund trusted research infrastructure. This includes making available costing models and use cases that serve as a reference.

  • We operate as a volunteer-based, community-driven initiative under the umbrella of the UK TRE Community Group relying on the expertise and resources contributed by our members from UK universities, research institutions, and other relevant bodies.

Focus areas#

  1. Establish the UK TRE Community position on sustainable funding: through a position paper on behalf of the UK TRE Community Group towards sustained funding over adequate time horizons for TRE (software) engineering efforts and open source components supporting them

  2. Costing models: collect use cases and offer reference costing model(s) or benchmark(s). The WG will put together a comprehensive list of costings (at line item level), scenarios and considerations drawn from the WGs members’ experience and the wider Community Group

  3. Charging and cost recovery models: the WG will start with existing experiences of different charging models (e.g. data access charges) and how they work in their specific environments, to try and bring this together as a reference knowledge base for the Community Group to draw on.

Roles and responsibilites#

  • Members are expected to actively participate in group discussions, share expertise and insights, propose ideas, and collaborate on initiatives.

  • Members are expected to commit best endeavours to completing actions for the benefit of the group as time and professional bandwidth allows.

  • Decisions within the group will be made collaboratively, with input from all members. Consensus-building and open dialogue will be encouraged to ensure inclusivity and transparency.

Duration and organisation#

  • This working group will operate indefinetely, although it may reassess its focus on a rolling basis and after delivery of initial outputs

  • The WG meets every three weeks on Friday afternoon from 13:00 - 14:00.

Get involved#

Email Fergus ( if you would like to be part of this working group!