Lightning talks#


5 minute talks by members of the community on their work, and a call to action.


Talks were split across 2 rooms, with 13 lightning talks in each room. There was no time allocated for Q&A.

List of talks#

Room 1#


Room 1 Lightning Talks recording




Alexander Roberts

Swansea University

Implementing a TRE at Swansea - challenges and thoughts

Ifeanyi Chukwu

University of Leeds

How we manage LASER - Leeds Analytics Secure Environment for Research, the TRE at Leeds Institute for Data Analytics, University of Leeds

Arlene Casey

DataLoch, University of Edinburgh

SARA (DARE lightning talk)

Chris Cole

Health Informatics Centre, University of Dundee

The DARE Driver Project on Standardised Architecture for Trusted Research Environments (SATRE)

Simon Thompson

Swansea University

DARE Teleport – Federated data to support team science

Katherine O’Sullivan

University of Aberdeen

The value of federated TREs: The Scottish Safe Haven Network

Peter Barnsley

Francis Crick Institute

Link Project TREs to Data SDEs - federate the data not the TRE project

Susan Krueger

University of Dundee

The research question of: how to apply disclosure controls to trained machine learning models

Emma Squires

Dementias Platform UK

Supporting neuroimaging research within a Trusted Research Environment

Seb Bacon

Bennett Institute

Using magic to find bugs in your TRE code (a.k.a. property-based testing for dummies)

Harry Hamilton-Jennings


Commercialising technology developed through TRE data access

Oriol Canela-Xandri

University of Edinburgh; Omecu Ltd.

A current working prototype for truly federated data where a researcher can run, in real time, analysis on huge datasets (e.g. UKBiobank or larger) but without exposing the data at all to the researcher

Raymond Hounon & Rujuta Sanap


TREs Best practices and Google Cloud capabilities

Room 2#


Room 2 Lightning Talks recording




David Meredith


Gathering TRE requirements with DARE-UK and our experiences with SMDH

Peter Maccallum


A European Network for Trusted Research Environments

Rob Baxter


The current state of the DARE UK TRE federation architecture

Pete Arnold

Swansea University

Training & Capacity Building for TREs

Fatemeh Torabi

Swansea University

Multi-TRE analysis: challenges, governance requirements, federation

Jim Smith

University of the West of England

The SACRO project and how it can help TREs work together

Carole Goble

The University of Manchester; ELIXIR-UK

The TRE-FX DARE sprint project on using ROCrates and workflows for federated analytics across TREs

Rob Heath


Microsoft’s Trusted Research Environment capabilities

James Robinson

The Alan Turing Institute

The Turing Institute Data Safe Haven

Ibrahim Farah

Our Future Health

How Our Future Health built its first TRE

Danny Silk

The Public Service Consultants (The PSC)

Three Principles to Drive Value from Sub-National Secure Data Environments (SNSDEs)