TRE Satellite Event notes - Community management#


  • What tools & methods are we using to communicate?

  • What are the areas that we should initially focus on?

  • Who is involved?

  • What should this community space be used for?

  • What are our key principles for collaboration?


  • The other stuff is exciting but we can’t do it without organising our community

  • Community organisation needs resource

  • We have conversations all the time but how do we manage follow-up

  • How do we ensure a balanced conversation? Engineers, managers, data people, researchers, members of the public

  • We need to build a community and then worry about management

  • Who is in the community? What’s the purpose of the community?

  • Different uses/purposes for the TRE - e.g. different kinds of data

  • We can’t do it all at once - so how do we prioritise?

  • Groupings around what people want - sharing of best practice etc - ensuring cross-pollination between groups

  • Turing Way - could have some kind of ‘hub’

  • Documentation

  • What do we do until we have someone who’s job this is?

  • How do we stay impartial/independent? How do we maintain perspective?

  • The role of co-ordination doesn’t necessarily set the strategic direction

  • Assessing the national discussion/ongoing work around TREs

  • How did RSEs do it?

  • Survery of engineers and users

  • Interoperable data standards

Actions/next steps#

Immediate actions#

  • Agree on a purpose for the community?

  • Agree on target audience for the community?

  • Baselining survey - who has done what?

    • Size of team

    • Who are the end users/researchers

    • How big are your projects? value, number of researchers?

    • What are your IG processes?

    • What stack do you use? E.g. aws, azure

    • Are you open?

    • Cloud based or on prem?

    • Are you working with any other teams collaboratively?

    • What is the underlying software?

  • Ask for time/money from host institutions

    • Clarify this in terms of amounts/time/numbers

  • Get ideas/thoughts from communities that have done this successfully (e.g. RSECon)

Longer term actions#

  • Apply for funding

  • Working groups/projects

  • Standardisation…?