Community Workshops#

Planned meetings#

Previous meetings#

The community has agreed to run quarterly workshops to discuss project progress, latest TRE developments, and actions for the community to take together. This page contains reports and outputs from each of these events.


The community workshops happen four times a year, with 3 sessions fully online, half-day events, and one hybrid (primarily in-person) event once a year. The in-person event so far has aligned nicely with RSECon each year, however as the community builds and develops this may be updated.


The aims of the meeting are …

  1. Bring the community together: There are many people working in the TRE space in the UK and abroad, facing similar issues and problems when building this complex critical infrastructure. The primary aim of these meetings is to bring this community together to learn from each other, and move forwards together.

  2. Share knowledge: Through presentations, workshops and breakout discussions, these meetings provide the space for the community to learn about the TRE landscape, latest TRE developments, and what work others are doing in the space.

  3. Collaboratively solve problems: These meetings are a chance for the community to bring forward problems they are facing day-to-day in their TRE work, and resolve these issues in a group setting. This helps promote the benefits of knowledge sharing and community engagement in achieving success.

  4. Identify and advance community work: As well as learning about individual project teams’ work, these meetings are a chance to hear about our working groups, and identify the work we want to take forwards as a community.


The meetings vary slightly from session to session, however they broadly follow this structure:

Half day meetings#

  • Introduction & Working Group updates: An introduction to the day, followed by updates from each of the working groups on what they have done since the last meeting

  • ‘Keynote’ presentation: A central talk for all attendees to hear about a key aspect of the TRE landscape and have a group discussion. Previous talks have included introductions to DARE UK, the NHS SNSDE work, and OpenSAFELY

  • Project workshops: These are breakout workshop spaces for individual project teams to bring a specific problem they are facing in their day-to-day work, and use the group to collaboratively build a solution. Previous examples include creating a fair cost recovery process, allow-listing packages safely, creating a systematic approach to data classification and more.

  • Breakout discussions: These are breakout spaces that are more informal than project discussions. Before the meeting attendees are invited to submit general TRE related topics they would like to discuss with the group. These are then used to identify the most popular topics attendees would like to address in breakout discussions

  • Wrap up and working group checkin: The final part of the meeting is to bring everyone back together and provide feedback on the session, before having an optional window for working groups to meet in breakout rooms and plan for the next 3 months

How to get involved#

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