TRE at King’s: Deployment & Egress Simulation#

Lead: Michal Rosiek (KCL)



The session will be a brief PowerPoint presentation followed by an egress simulation.

The PowerPoint presentation will encompass:

  • Blueprint of our TRE design

  • Automated deployment process

  • Ensuring secure ingress & egress

  • Access control mechanisms

  • Development timeline overview

  • Current metrics update

In the egress simulation, we will cover:

  • Demonstrating secure login procedures to TRE project resources

  • Highlighting distinctions among resources

  • Explaining directory structures

  • Simulating secure ingress with approval from egress authority groups

This session is intended to benefit both TRE owners/developers and researchers by providing insights into how we tailor our TRE to meet project needs and expectations.

Required preparation#

I suggest that anyone interested familiarize themselves with our TRE webpage, which contains comprehensive information, including diagrams of the architecture and a video showcasing the user experience.

Target audience#

This session is open to anyone interested in both using and deploying TRE.